Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Property in Cyprus - Part 2

Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Property in Cyprus - Part 2


Not all estate agents are made equal. Even though all licensed agents have a basic understanding of the law, not everyone is up to date with current or new legislation coming into force or really understand the dynamics of the market. Thus, do not be afraid to challenge them about the overall conditions of the market; including what new legislation is coming into force which may affect the market and what is their opinion and how do they back up their opinion.

Do they know the steps of the buying process?

Once you agree on a property, some agents will let the lawyers do the rest of the job and have no input or knowledge regarding the following steps.

This may become an issue if something goes wrong. You are supposed to get guidance and have someone who will lease with the lawyers and look after your interest.

So pick wisely.

“An expert can deliver knowledge & enhance potential.“ - Christos Nikolaou MD. Proprety Canvas


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