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Paphos, Pano Paphos

Pano Paphos is a business-oriented location of Paphos, here we find a densely populated area of shops and restaurants, small businesses, large businesses, thriving wita strong sense of competitiveness. From the beginning of 2018 until the mid of 2019 as many as 45 shops and building have been bought to be made into some form of business. This makes it an area of Paphos that will always be in high demand both for long term rentals due to convenience of location, but also for short term rentals as tourists could be anywhere they wish within walking distance or bus.  

In the whole of Pano Paphos, including Ayios Theodoros Ayios Pavlos and Anavargos within the past couple of years 123 sales have been made in townhouses at an estimated average of 135.000 and 499 apartments at an average of €95.000 (1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed apartments). 36 offices and shops also at an estimated average of 108.000. 

General Info:

This sunny coastal town on the western side of the island is the most westerly part in Cyprus. The long summer months and short winters, the variety of landscape, the monuments of history and art, which are scattered all over are the most important characteristics of the area, dating back to the Roman period l, with more than 3000 years of history, there is an endless amount of exploring to do.  

Paphos, a word synonymous to sun, light and sea, is like an open-air museum. Incredibly rich in diversity, wonderful treasures, it is no wonder the whole town has been put on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Guarded by a Byzantine castle, beside a string of beaches that have become a favorite spot for tourists. 

Following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, there was rapid economic activity in all fields, especially in tourism in the Kato and Pano Paphos area. The government invested heavily in irrigation dams and water distribution works, road infrastructure and the building of Paphos International Airport, the second international airport in Cyprus. 

Today Paphos, with a population of about 35,961 (as of 2018), this is a very popular touristic destination.  


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