The Perks of Buy-To-Let Investments

The Perks of Buy-To-Let Investments

Real Estate Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

Buy-to-let investing has been a popular means for many people to generate a mix of income and capital growth from their hard-earned cash. Property prices in Greece are now really low. Combined with changing tax rules, this could mean the net returns available to landlords are higher than they have been in the past.

Therefore, real estate could improve your financial prospects to a great extent from a buy-to-let perspective.

But becoming a buy-to-let investor is much more difficult today than it has been. For starters, obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage is certainly more challenging than in previous years, with the headroom required when making interest payments now stricter to ensure than property investors really afford to pay and well prepared for potential interest rate rises.

In addition, a possible tax on Airbnb etc., means that the returns available could be less. Similarly, changes to mortgage interest rates could mean that the net returns available to some landlords are less favourable than they have been.

Since the property price pace has gone downwards over the last decade, the cyclicality of the property industry suggests that a period of more high returns may be ahead. Affordability is a major concern for many prospective buyers, since property prices may increase at a faster pace than wages in many parts of Greece. This could mean demand for properties moderates to some degree.

Real estate fund value investing seems to be also very appealing. An investor may seek to buy shares that have a clear competitive advantage since the real estate market is moving up.

Of course, picking the right property and/or real estate shares and the strategy to be successful in the Greek real estate market isn't easy. But the investment worth’s it and you can get ahead if you use a specialist real estate advisor.

Source: Gold News

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