Where do Most Expats live in Cyprus?

Where do Most Expats live in Cyprus?

Cyprus can be found at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Though it is a member of the European Union, it is a merge of various cultures. Several Mediterranean sea waters surround it. Cyprus has been on essential trade routes for ages now. Over the past six thousand years, various empires have occupied Cyprus from one time to the next.

Out of all these empires, they have left a thing or two behind in Cyprus. There are fantastic things, including feral cats, unique flowers, building ruins, copper lines, and underground graves.

The last empire to rule in Cyprus was British. Most of the locals from Cyprus speak polished English. This island of Cyprus is actually in the middle of two nations. The northern part is Turkey, then the southern two-thirds of Cyprus is Greek. Crossing from one of the sides to the other would need you to present your passport. This piece would be talking about where expats live in Cyprus.

As a result of the affordable cost of living, low crime rate, great food, friendly locals, natural beauty, culture, sunny beaches, and clear seas, Cyprus has attracted expats and tourists for several years.

A massive majority of these tourists and expats are British. Around sixty thousand of them also include many contingents from places like Europe, China, and Russia. There are growing and large communities from the United States of America and Canada. Cyprus being a member of the European Union has citizens of its country who have narrow limits on staying in the nation. Non-European Union citizens like those from America could stay for about ninety days without having a visa. After this, they need to apply for an extended stay permit which needs to be renewed every year. Let's talk about the things expats love to enjoy in Cyprus before discussing where most expats love to live in Cyprus.


Things Expats Love doing in Cyprus.

  1. Expats love to enjoy the slow life pace in Cyprus

They love to take walks along the harbor's front and enjoy either a drink or a meal as they watch the sunset into the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. Going to the many beaches

Expats love going to the many beaches in Cyprus. They love and enjoy dipping into the sea. Let’s not forget that they enjoy barbecues with their friends all around the pools or at the beach.


  1. They love trying out the social clubs.

Expats enjoy going to the many social clubs because they could meet brand new friends and try out old and new activities. There are various clubs, including clubs for touring, dancing, winemaking, crafts, card games, sailing, and walking.


  1. Enjoy the day with your friends.

Expats love to have fun with their friends during the day at village tavernas in patios as they enjoy Cypriot meals. These include various selections of little dishes, which are served with local wines as appetizers.


  1. Hike or Walk along the Back roads in Cyprus

Expats love to hike or walk along several trails and backroads through various villages, mountains, forests, and fields. There are wildflowers and views which look great.


  1. Expats love to ride bicycles.

There are off-road and on-road cycling, which are pretty popular. These are one of the world's best mountain bike races which are held in Cyprus annually.


  1. Expats love to spend time and gossip at the coffee stores around.

Expats enjoy gossiping with friends and other Cypriots at the local coffee shops around. These Cypriots might seem like they are in serious arguments, but they are just conversing, having fun quite loudly.


  1. Enjoy concerts in two thousand-year-Olds ancient ruins

There are parts of Cyprus that expats love to go to and enjoy concerts. These places are pretty ancient. But that's what makes everything so much fun.


  1. Expats enjoy taking boat trips around.

They love going to swim and scuba diving at secluded places in crystal waters, followed by a slice of roasted pork or b.


  1. Expats love to watch baby turtles as they live their lives

It is so much fun to watch these baby turtles as they come out of their nests and hurriedly dash out into the sea.


  1. Expats love to watch and enjoy several festivals

Expats enjoy trying out everything from lace making to ballet, wine to cherries, lavender to opera. These events and festivals are available for practically anyone and everyone to come and enjoy.


  1. Expats love to visit and discover archaeological sites.

You could quickly check out active churches which are built inside Roman forum ruins. They also love to explore ancient lighthouses, forts, castles, and tombs. You would be amazed by how a two-thousand-year-old mosaic would look and seem around reconstructed four-thousand-year-old villages.


  1. Expats could easily get lost exploring the picturesque villages around

They do this by first shipping at the available local coffee shops. Then they check out the craft stores, the old churches, the pretty alleys too. They also spend the night inside a hundred-year-old mountain hotel that aristocrats once used as they escaped the heat from summer.


  1. Expats love playing golf.

Expats and visitors in Cyprus enjoy playing golf through some incredible world-class premium golf courses.


  1. In the presence of a rare rainy day, expats love visiting museums and art galleries.

These are one of the beauties of spending time around Cyprus. Expats love to visit various art galleries and beautiful museums, which teaches them a lot about Cyprus. There are things there, including antiquities, classic cars, old monasteries, crafts, and art.

Now let’s talk about where most expats live in Cyprus and why


List of Why and Where most expats live in Cyprus

  1. Paphos

More than fifty percent of expats live in Paphos. This is the fourth largest city in Cyprus. There are villages from the Paphos district which are pretty famous for expats that love to live outside the city. Several residences and villas are summer homes used by the owners for just some parts of the year.


List of reasons why Paphos is Popular for Expats

  • It has simple access to the seas and beaches.
  • It is friendly (you get to feel like you’re with family)
  • The rate of crime is relatively low.
  • It has a laid back relaxing lifestyle
  • It has real reasonable estate prices
  • There's a tremendous amount of health care with both private and public hospitals.
  • There are abundant tavernas and great restaurants
  • There are several significant cultural events
  • There are various archaeological sites.


  1. Limassol

This is the second-largest city in Cyprus. Expats that are searching for work or trying to start up with their businesses go to Limassol. It is one of the principal seaports for Cyprus as a nation. It is way more upbeat and active than Paphos. There's always a thing or two going on that keeps the expats living here entertained and busy. The districts available here also contain many of the Best winemaking villages that extend up to the Troodos Mountains.

Limassol is one of the best locations for people that love being close to the sea. It is also great for people that want to be close to social networks and businesses. This has the largest port in the country. Several shipping lines also connect it to about three continents. The population of expats in Limassol is genuinely that of professional categories. Some prominent Russian expats live in Limassol. Just like several other locations in Cyprus, it is pretty popular with a lot of tourists too. At Limassol, you could enjoy two different festivals. The festivals include the February Carnival, the Wine Festival held in September and March. The atmosphere available at Limassol is from an incredible lovely metropolis filled with several other modern restaurants. There also have trendy shopping destinations. Because of this, the prices of properties for villas and apartments here tend to be kept on high sides.


List of reasons why Limassol is Popular for Expats  

  • There are several miles of beaches and promenades along the waterfront of the city
  • There are restored old towns
  • The nightlife here is so busy
  • There are events and festivals
  • There are excellent levels of education and epic Healthcare
  • The cost of living is relatively meager


  1. Larnaca

This is the place you should visit if you are a lover of wine. There's excellent food and a lot of Cypriot wine available in Larnaca. This is the third-largest city, and it has a lot of wealthy expats that are retired. It has a lot of health care appeals to none European Union citizens and several tax benefits. Expats enjoy living in Larnaca because it isn't in the city, and it offers them a slower, more peaceful lifestyle than Nicosia and Limassol.



List of things expats enjoy at Larnaca

  • The pace of life at Larnaca is slower and more peaceful
  • There’s the presence of great Healthcare
  • There's a great wine and incredible food
  • There's the incredible beach and loverly boardwalk
  • The rate of crime at Larnaca is relatively low


  1. Nicosia

This is the largest and the capital city in Cyprus. It is one of the only divided capital which has a UN peacekeeping team. This team keeps all of the Turks to stay in the north and then all of the Greeks in the south. It is inland. This is why it doesn't have any beaches, but it has several historical sites and buildings.

Remaining the heart of the government's republic, so there are various job opportunities. It isn't crowded with several tourists. It is pretty famous for nightlife, tavernas, restaurants and for shopping too.


List of reasons people love to move to Nicosia

  • There's excellent education and remarkable Healthcare.
  • There’s the presence of several job opportunities
  • The rate of crime is shallow
  • The cost of living is affordable
  • It is located centrally
  • It is lively too



  1. Famagusta

This isn't favored by many expats like other places mentioned in this article. It isn't favored because it is a port city that has associated business activities and industry. It is pretty popular with tourists like Ayia Napa, and its nightlife and beaches are pretty close. Mediterranean Eastern University which brings in several students, and there are great hospitals too


  1. Platres

Platres can be found in the southern part of the Troödos Mountains. These are great places to enjoy picnics and enjoyable hikes. Expats enjoy Platres as a result of the presence of the mountains. There they could go skiing during the snow season, which lasts from the end of the year to the first few weeks of April. This is like the best spot to live if you want to go very far from the bustling, active city life. Plates are rich with a lot of green fields. Platres is located around forty km through the northern part of Limassol. It is also a popular investment and destination for several buyers of properties. It draws and enjoys several expats and tourists. It is a place where several expats and tourists love to visit. This is one of the reasons why it has excellent infrastructure. There are great homes for the holidays and several hotels, restaurants, and sites at Platres.

What are the Reasons Expats love to live at Platres?

  • There are several business opportunities
  • There are several education facilities
  • There are excellent health care
  • It is close to nightlife and beaches
  • There are several archeological sites

The reasons listed above are why thousands of expats are converting this part of Cyprus to their homes. If this sounds interesting to you, you could visit for a while and maybe stay for the rest of your life.

There are expats from various parts of the world that end up going to these parts of Cyprus just to visit or stay with a friend that end up not leaving ever again. It is truly a great part of the world to live and thrive forever.

Christos Nikolaou

Author: Christos Nikolaou

BEng Mechanical Engineering, MSc Real Estate, ETEK Property Valuer, Register and Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Christos Nikolaou is the founder and Managing Director of Property Canvas, he holds a license as an Estate Agent from the Association of Real Estate Agents of Cyprus and he is a registered Property Valuer in the Technical and Scientific Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK). He is the author of our “Where do Most Expats live in Cyprus?” and is a certified advance negotiator.


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