Agia Marina Chrysochous

Paphos, Agia Marina Chrysochous

Twenty one (21) sales have been made just last year in plots of land ranging from n €30.000-1.500.000, making it evident this is a place where people prefer to build custom made homes. 

General Info:

Agia Marina is a very small village of Paphos situated 14km northeast of Poli Chrysochous and built in an average altitude of 190 meters. This is a 10 minute drive to Polis and about a 40 minute drive to PaphosIn 1965, a barrier was built near the village. It is called barrier of Agia Marina and its capacity reaches the 311.000 cubic meters. The new irrigation system of Poli Chrysochous will contribute to the irrigation of a great extent of ground, hence why we see lovely irrigated cultivations by the sea.  

The motorway of Poli Chrysochous-Pachiammos passes along this area.  The peaks of the mountains emerge on the east side of this small community. The small distance between the mountains and the sea creates a stunning hard to beat landscape making it an ideal place for a nature lover to own a home. 

This is a quiet, very traditional village with a strong sense of community and ideal for those that seek a tranquil lifestyle while not being completely secluded from necessary amenities. Almost all the people who live in Agia Marina work in other villages or cities, but at the same time they are occupied with the agriculture. Most cultivations of the village are citrus fruits, some vegetables, bananas and fruit trees.  

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