Paphos, Anarita

Buying, selling and renting in this location is not hard as more and more people are looking for more affordable options than Limassol town, just a 5 minute drive to the airport and 4 km away from the beach makes it a very high selling point which therefore also makes it a good investment option. There is a lot of agricultural land in this area which guarantees that your property in this ideal serene location could not be densely populated in the future. This is an ideal location for people that enjoy their quiet time and space, without being too secluded. 

The types of properties that exist here are mainly villas, detached or semi-detached, having sold double the number of villas in the past two years than that of apartments in the same period. Rent here is approximately 18% lower than the city center, which makes for good long-term option for locals or Limassol residents. Short term renting might be a good option as well for those who would like to enjoy their own property for a couple of months a year and make some money the rest of the year. Neighboring villages are Timi, Mandria and Kouklia, all of which have a lot of beauty to offer.  

Price-wise properties here range from 85,000 Euros for an apartment until 300,000 Euros for a detached villa. However this does not mean that properties of a much higher value are not selling here. The highest transaction that has ever being recorded in Anarita was of excess of 2,000,000 Euros.

A well-known project that is ongoing is Anarita Chorio by Pafilia. Buying In this location you have the benefit of being just 20 minute drive to Limassol, and a 15 minute drive to Paphos, while having the tranquility a lovely picturesque village has to offer.  

 General Info:

Anarita is a village in the province of Paphos, about 12 kilometers northeast of the city of Paphos. The etymology of the name of the village of Anarita is not exactly known. Jack C. Goodwin (A Toponymy of Cyprus), relates it to anari, this famous Cypriot type of cheese, but this simplistic explanation is not scientifically accepted.  

The village is built at an average altitude of 105 meters above sea level. Most of the village is situated on Pachna Formation chalets, making it a beautiful picturesque location to own a home, while having the benefit of having the nearest beach just four kilometers from the village. 

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