Paphos, Armou

Prices in Armou are still about a 20-30% lower than the city center with 10 sales been made from the beginning of 2018 until mid 2019, of which only 1 was an apartment. The prices ranged between €40.000-230.000. Another 16 sales had been made in land with the prices ranging between €10.000-605.000. 

The lack of sales does not mean there is no interest for properties but more about the lack of supply.

General Info:

A vastly underrated village just after Konia village and before Episkopi just 6 kilometers north of Paphos town. This is an area that offers a tranquil, semi-rural environment not too far from town life. Just a fifteen-minute drive away to the closest beach and airport make it within close reach to most local amenities. There is also a bus that runs several times daily into Paphos from Armou’s square making coming and going relatively easy if one chooses not to own a car.  

This is a great option if you’re one that appreciates nature and serenity, the village itself has a very small kiosk, a hairdresser and the village council. There is a road that connects Armou to Tsada, making it just a 10-minute drive away for those days you’d like to explore different surrounding villages, or have a day out playing golf at the well renowned Minthis golf course. 

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