Paphos, Emba

From the beginning of 2018 until mid 2019 Emba has had 86 sales in properties, from these 24 were houses (both deatched villas and townhouses) and 16 apartments. Prices range from €70,000 - €300,000 for houses, and for apartments they range from €50,000 - €140,000. 

Buying here is a great option for both locals and others that are living here permanently, as it is easily accessible to bus routes, schools, shops, taverns and the lovely beaches of Paphos.  In the evenings you’ll see locals sitting outside along the narrow roads in their wooden chairs happily chatting among themselves, an image much reminiscent of Cyprus in the older days.  

Buying here is ideal for someone that appreciates cosiness and relaxed setting while still being near the buzz of a town.  

General Info:

Emba is one of the largest villages in Cyprus with a population of 4,500 people and borders with ChlorakaKissonerga, Tala, Tremithousa and Mesogi. The appellation of the village is purely Greek, specifically of the Cypriot dialect, ‘’Emba’’ meaning ‘’enter’’ and it’s said that it was given this name because it is built at the entrance of Paphos when there was a fued and it was always guarded from the travelers from the north, northwest and west came in. If the guard were to say ‘’Emba’’ travellers could pass through.  

One could say that one of the main characteristics of this village are its many chapels and churches, but also its lovely laid-back atmosphere and strong personality of the locals. It is a very popular place among the locals especially for its easy access to town, Tala, Mesogi road etc. Within just a few minutes you can be across town.  


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