Paphos, Mesogi

15 sales have been made for 2018 of both villas and apartments. Living here is very appealing to locals as it is so central to everything and all roads have easy access to all of Paphos. This is a place that combines practicality and of lifestyle with a nice sense of community you still get from the village locals. The average price for a villa in Mesogi between 2018-2019 was €280,000 and the average price for an apartment was around €65,000.

Short term rent here can vary from 40-120 euros depending on condition and the season. Long term rent options will always be in demand due to the convenience of location both for locals and foreigners 

General Info:

Mesogi is a beautiful village on the outskirts of the centre of Paphos with a common connecting village between Paphos and more mountainous villages such as Panagia, the birthplace of Archbishop Makarios II and Polis, the old capital city of Cyprus.  

Mesogi has many frequent bus links throughout the village to the two main bus stations of Paphos, as well as being only a 10-minute drive to the closest beach, therefore making the heart of Paphos very accessible at any time of the day. There are many restaurants that serve fresh local produce as well as traditional Greek foods. Mesogi has several well-functioning services, hairdressers, spas, salons, 24/7 bakeries that provide traditional food and sweetsbigger businesses, small supermarkets and more. So although small this is considered to be very central and a road full of bustling life. A place where most businesses could thrive. In the backroads and the village square we find quieter roads surrounded by beautiful nature and little old traditional coffee shops. 


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