Paphos, Geroskipou

This area is mostly inhabited by locals and prices here tend to be a little lower than the center of Paphos. We find that what is mostly sold here is apartments, in the year 2018-2019, 57 apartments have been sold, while detached villas was only a fraction of that number in the same time frame. This is a convenient location being so close to schools, the airport, the beach, and many restaurants. The value for money buying or renting an apartment in this area could be considered better as size for a one-bedroom apartment is about 10-15% bigger than what it would be coming closer to the Kato PaphosThis is a place that is still very close to the business district of Paphos, and always has a high demand with the locals due to the fact that locals like to be involved in this community and also its proximity to schoolsshops, taverns and the motorway, therefore rentals here will always be on high demand making it a safe investment for one considering to buy 

An ongoing project is that of Eden City in the tourist area of Geroskipou, Anthea Gardens by Pafilia, Venus Gardens by Maispa and many more.   

General Info:

According to Greek mythology this is where Aphrodite had her gardens, hense the word Yeroskipou which comes from the word ‘’ieros’’ which means holy, and ‘’kipos’’ which means garden.  

Geroskipou is a coastal town east of Paphos separated in two sections, the Upper Yeroskipou area and lower Yeroskipou area. Lower Yeroskipou area is very popular as the Neapolis University is there, many hotels and coffee shops can be found, but also long stretches of beautifully landscaped roads that are bicycle friendly and are becoming more and more popular. the upper Yeroskipou area has a newly built square and is always buzzing with liveliness and eventful evenings founded by the municipality, either it has to do to do with music, art or traditionIt also second largest municipality in the Paphos District, its current population is of 7,000Geroskipou is also well known for its remarkable five-domed Byzantine church Ayia Parakevi, its Folk Art Museum, and especially for the production of their Turkish delight sweets, this town is the only place in the world which has protected geographical indication for this popular dessert.  

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