Smart Drive: Anytime Cyprus’ innovative insurance scheme

Smart Drive: Anytime Cyprus’ innovative insurance scheme

Local Monday, 19 October, 2020

Interamerican’s Anytime has recently introduced a new innovative insurance scheme to the Cypriot market called Smart Drive, created as part of the company’s vision of a safer future with fewer road accidents.

Smart Drive has been designed to reward careful drivers. This happens from the innovative app Smart Drive Cyprus, which can be downloaded by anyone from the App Store or Google Play.


The app enables the user to observe their driving behaviour and receive tips on how to improve, while the insurance company, through the final driving score, can provide incentives, not limited to financial ones, so that everyone becomes a more careful driver.

The app rewards prudent, sensible driving, particularly in younger age groups. Anyone who drives safely, does not use their phone during driving, keeps their reflexes sharp, adheres to the speed limit and generally follows the rules, gains a significant discount on their insurance fees. They can also receive vouchers from various partners. This initiative will continue to be expanded and new rewards added through competitions and challenges, providing even more incentives to careful drivers.

Through this initiative, Anytime Cyprus brings the “pay how you drive” type of insurance to Cyprus, connecting the insurance product with an app that promotes safe driving, the reduction of traffic accidents, and reduction in car damage. Based on their driving, insured parties under the Smart Drive scheme can receive a discount of up to 15% upon the renewal of their plan.

“For us, safety doesn’t just mean being prepared when something bad happens. It means to feel, along with our customers, safe and secure, offering them more at every moment. With pioneering technology, know-how and a passion for innovation, we are here to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers,” commented Anytime Cyprus Head Myrto Perati.

The Smart Drive Cyprus App has been designed by a creative team from OSeven. Anytime Cyprus provides vehicle and property insurance plans with 24/7 telephone and online support.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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